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The mighty Wilco will play the lovely new Mandela Hall on Wednesday 6th September.

In September 2010 Open House faced the biggest challenge in its 12 year history when the legendary Wilco came to play our Festival marquee in Belfast. To say we were awed and overwhelmed when the big tour bus, huge trailer, cool band members and all the crew turned up is an understatement. It took everything we had to deliver a show that would meet their mighty production standards. We have come a long way since then and stage large shows but I still say putting on that Wilco concert at that time in our career for 2,000 people is our proudest achievement.

I have tried to bring Wilco back every year since but, alas, it just never came together. Until now. Thirteen years to the month they will play their second ever show in Northern Ireland – with Open House. See you there fellow music lovers.

Kieran Gilmore, Open House

Please note this is a standing concert.